In this service area we offer digitization of projects and implementation of BIM methodology for the areas of Infrastructure, Architecture, Industry and Installations, applied to the stages of preliminary conceptual design, detailed executive design, work management and "as built" models. Within these stages and for all the mentioned areas, the following tasks stand out:

  • Digitization and modeling of projects;
  • Creation of a multidisciplinary model;
  • Physical models of work progress in time (4D and 5D) linked with Gantt diagrams;
  • Interference checks;
  • As Built models;
  • Application of digital annotation tools to improve communication processes;
  • Consulting and tutoring for the implementation of BIM methodology in organizations.

We have the vision of becoming promoters and benchmarks for the inclusion of BIM models, as part of the formal delivery of projects. A situation that will allow a notable decrease in the final costs of projects.