Civil Infrastructure

Geometric design and modelling of maritime infrastructure, dredging and earthworks. Since 2020 to date, EnginLabs has been carrying out Geometric Design, 3D Modelling and BIM Coordination for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link project. The world's longest submerged tunnel, linking Germany and Denmark, a key part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor.


Design and supervision of road and earthworks throughout different stages of work:

  • Planning and preliminary studies
  • Pre-project development
  • Development of executive projects
  • Technical site management

EnginLabs' experience covers the following project types, advising in the area of competence:

  • National roads, streets and routes
  • Housing developments, subdivisions and
    neighbourhood regularisations
  • Roads of industrial and commercial facilities
  • Parking
  • Port works


Calculation and design of storm drainage systems in road infrastructure projects. Design of catchment and conveyance elements with hydrological and hydraulic verifications.


Traffic Impact and Demand Studies at departmental and national level, as well as National Route Access Permits.

Transport and Logistics
Transport and logistics studies for Uruguay and the region:

  • Design of special freight corridors especiales
  • Study of freight logistics terminals
  • Optimisation of operation and maintenance of infrastructure infraestructura

Machine models

Detailed 3D models of projects, used for direct loading into machine guidance and control equipment.

  • CCreation of surface models for machinery
  • Preparation of workflows and information packages for uploading to equipment
  • Assistance in the calibration of equipment


Digitalisation of projects and implementation of BIM methodology for the areas of Infrastructure, Architecture, Industry and Installations, applied to the stages of preliminary conceptual design, detailed executive design, site management and "as built" models. Within these stages and for the aforementioned areas, the following tasks stand out:

  • Digitisation and project modelling
  • Creation of a multidisciplinary model
  • Physical models of construction progress over time, linked to Gant diagrams.
  • Interference checks
  • As Built models
  • Consulting and tutoring for the implementation of BIM methodology in organizations.


High-resolution visuals (renders and videos) that function as a tool to communicate a story clearly and simply to the public, investors or authorities.

Survey & GIS

Topography and surveying services, integrating data capture activities for use in Civil Engineering projects and Geographic Information Systems. Advice on all matters relating to Reference Systems and Cartographic Projection according to each project.

We transform raw data into geographic information by projecting it onto a digital map on which the right decisions can be made, reducing costs and speeding up processes.

  • Data processing for GIS information
  • Image processing
  • Infrastructure inventories with GIS and BIM capabilities
  • Monitoring and web management of inspections or processes to be carried out on existing infrastructure elements.