With trained and experienced technicians in designs of low, medium and high voltage installations, we provide comprehensive services in all voltages.

Design engineering: We carry out all the electrical engineering related to the project to be developed. From the analysis for the calculation of demand, surveys, drawing up plans, calculation memory, technical folder.

Low voltage:

  • Road illumination: Residential, commercial, industrial, hospital, sports centers and urbanizations;
  • Weak currents, access control, video surveillance;
  • Design of residential and industrial electrical installations;
  • Increased load.

Medium and High Voltage:

  • Executive project of the electrical installation for transformer substations;
  • Executive project of the electrical installation for lines and cables.

Energy management:

  • Comprehensive advice to the client on the optimal solution appropriate to each need to achieve the greatest possible energy savings;
  • Reactive compensation;
  • Automation and light control;
  • Thermal solar and photovoltaic energy.

Grounding systems:

  • Executive design of grounding meshes in transformer substations and electrical installations;
  • Resistivity measurement;
  • Measurement and certification of earthing.

Protection against atmospheric discharges:

  • Executive project of the protection system against atmospheric discharges.