At EnginLabs we provide topography, geomatics and surveying services for Uruguay.

We provide a service, to integrate captured data in Civil Engineering projects, as well as in Geographic Information Systems. Providing advice on everything related to Reference Systems and Cartographic Projection according to each project.

Our vision is to become strategic partners of private companies and government organizations, in order not only to participate in the project survey stage, but also to contribute through the experience of our Engineers, in the preparation of collection strategies, thus as in the analysis and management of information, fundamental tasks associated with the preliminary design, execution and auscultation of projects.

  • Topography;
  • 3D topographic scanning;
  • Processing of georeferenced images and point-clouds for use in projects;
  • Creation of 3D Models from point-clouds;
  • Geomatics;
  • Surveying.


Minas - Parque Lineal

Minas, Uruguay

We work together with "Plan Proyecto Consultores" on a revitalisation project of a linear park in Minas.

In this context we conducted a survey with a drone of which we share a video of the point cloud. This work will be the basis of the studies to be carried out in the coming months.

Drone Suvey Mine

La Paz, Uruguay

Content of the survey carried out for the Blue Quarry, located in the city of La Paz.

The video shows the point cloud made by photogrammetry with drone, from which a land surface model and a georeferenced orthomosaic were obtained, used for the construction site plans and volume calculation.

Concepción del Uruguay al Norte

Montevideo, Uruguay

Recorrido nube de puntos, relevamiento con dron. Rambla Concepción del Uruguay