Today's world is modeled on data, this is largely due to the significant increase in the capabilities of management tools, a situation that was difficult to imagine just a few years ago. The objective of EnginLabs is to provide users with these capabilities to continuously improve the management of information related to engineering projects and infrastructure management.

We transform raw data into geographic information by projecting onto a digital map on which correct decisions can be made, reducing costs and speeding up processes. To do this, we present the project data organized in a GIS interface that is easy to use and accessible to the entire team.

We provide web management applications in the GIS and BIM information service modality integrated to conventional systems, using in these services the best analysis capabilities available.

Our vision for the future is to continue working on Big Data processing and artificial intelligence to favor extensive analysis of scenarios on a large scale.

  • Data processing for GIS information;
  • Image processing;
  • Infrastructure inventories with GIS and BIM capabilities;
  • Web publication and consultation with GIS and BIM capabilities of projects;
  • Monitoring and web management of inspections or processes to be carried out on existing infrastructure elements;
  • Product and process quality audits.